Troll Hole

Troll Hole screenshot

Troll-hole is the fourth level in the Hobbit 2003 game.


After Gandalf defeats the three trolls by waiting for the sun to come up, he congradulates Bilbo before sending him to investigate the Troll's cave that they seeked shelter in. On his way to the cave Bilbo encounters a hurt elf named Lianna who asks Bilbo to get her a healing draft to heal her wounds. In return Lianna helps Bilbo to escape and appears in the Elvish Halls in a further level and helps Bilbo to escape along with the dwarves who get captured.

Quest logEdit

  • Find the troll cave
  • Find the troll key
  • Retrieve healing draught
  • Return healing draught

Quest InformationEdit


Name Description

Gandalf Stormcrow

Gandalf greets Bilbo at the start of Troll Hole, he wants Bilbo to see what's taking Gloin so long on the hillside.

Thorin Oakenshield 1

Thorin greets Bilbo at the beginning of Troll Hole.


Bombur is at the start of Troll Hole.

Gloin dwarf

Gloin has tried to climb to the top of the ridge to explore the cavern but seems to be out of breath. He then tells Bilbo what these caves were used for a long time ago involving a witch king.


Lianna is a hurt elf that appears towards the entrance


Name Description
Healing Draught

Healing Draught

The Healing draught is located in a small cave when you enter the troll hole. Give it to Lianna to heal her wounds. She later helps Bilbo escape the Elven Halls in another level for his help.
Crystal Key

Crystal key

Troll key

Troll key

The troll key is located across a chasm, once you get the key it unlocks the lock to get the weapon Sting.

Sting Swords

At the end of the level Bilbo receives the sword Sting.


Name Description

Hobbit wolf

These grey wolves appear in packs and surround Bilbo, it takes 5 swipes with Sting or the Walking Stick to kill them.


The werewolves appear in groups first in the Troll Hole level, then more frequently in Swordlight. They swipe at Bilbo and do substantial amounts of damage, when far away they duck inside their holes then emerge from the holes when you get close. The best way to defeat these creatures is to hit the sword attack button while at an empty hole, this will cause the worms to come up and killing them while you take little to no damage.
Rock Badger

Smaller guardian

The Rock Badgers first appeared alongside the Guardian boss, and more frequently in the Troll Hole mission everywhere.


The Guardian is the first boss battle that Bilbo is faced with. He must use his walking stick and the jump+attack combo to push the Guardian on it's belly and vulnerable to damage. Meanwhile, smaller looking Rock Badgers will appear to interfere with the attack. It takes 5 jump attacks to kill the Guardian.