Trees are commonly found in forested areas and other areas of Middle-earth not under the dominion of Sauron.


Trees in Middle-earth greatly resemble trees that exist in the real world. There are many kinds of different trees found in Middle-earth, such as oak, beech and pine, and also many fictional species invented by Tolkien, such as the Mallorn tree, found in abundance in the Forest of Lothlorien.

Certain trees in Middle-earth may be confused with the sentient beings called Ents, who greatly resemble trees. They can speak and are sentient, however, whereas true trees cannot apparently communicate with any other beings than Ents or other trees. The Huorns too are often confused with trees - they are able to move and communicate with trees and Ents, though their behavior is rather less intelligent, and they remain 'treeish'. They may exhibit ill will to passersby, and need guidance from Ents so that they do not harm those they come across. Trees were held sacred to the Elves, and Ents were created to protect the forests of Middle-earth from those who would cut them down, namely Dwarves and (chiefly) Orcs.

"Talking" treesEdit

Some trees, for example those in the Old Forest, were dangerous and could "talk" to other trees, drop their branches on unsuspecting passersby, and lead them to Old Man Willow.

However in most places trees were neutral -- they were neither allied with Sauron nor with anyone else -- and in most places other than the Old Forest and Fangorn, the trees couldn't communicate with one another and were virtually indifferent to anyone passing by.

Major forests of Middle-earthEdit

  • Fangorn
  • Old Forest
  • Mirkwood - Mirkwood was by far the largest forest and it was also the most dangerous, though it's trees weren't dangerous -- it was the fact that Sauron's stronghold had been located in Mirkwood for a while that enabled Giant Spiders to spawn there.
  • Lorien

Other locations of treesEdit

Trees could be found just about everywhere, including (but not only):

Trees couldn't be found in some areas, including:

Involvement in storiesEdit

In The Hobbit, Thorin and Company stayed on top of trees in an effort to protect themselves from the Wargs (although the goblins later burned them down, when the company was rescued by Eagles).

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