The Tower of Avallónë was a great white tower of the Elven city of Avallonë on the island of Tol Eressëa

The tower was the location of the master Palantir.[1]


The tower dates back to building of the city in the early Second Age by the Elves returning from Middle-earth after the War of Wrath. The tower was the first sight to be seen by mariners sailing to and from Aman and could be clearly be seen from western Númenor and by Númenórean mariners longing for the Undying Lands. By the time of the reign of Tar-Palantir, the city and the tower were veiled in a great cloud and could no longer be seen from Númenor.[2] After Elendil established the Realms in Exile in Middle-earth, he erected towers such as Emyn Beraid throughout his kingdom which held the Palantíri that the Númenórean exiles brought over from Númenor, to observe his kingdom and the tower.[1]

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