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Tower Hills

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Tower Hills
Nasmith elostirion
a view of Tower Hills
Place in Arda
Aliases Elostirion
Built by Elves of Lindon
Realm Lindon
Capital {{{place_capital}}}
Lord Kings of Arnor, Kings of the Reunited Kingdom, and later Mayor of the Shire
Type Towers
Lifespan Unknown - Fourth Age

The Tower Hills or Emyn Beraid in Sindarin, were a series of steep hills located at the west end of Eriador.

They lay about 30 Númenórean miles east of Mithlond, the Grey Havens of Lindon, and about 50 miles west of the White Downs, of old the border of the Shire.


High upon the Tower Hills stood three tall Elven towers, the highest of which was called Elostirion and held a Palantír.

The Tower Hills formed the ancient border between the Elven realm of Lindon and the Kingdom of Arnor, and the Great East Road which led all the way to Rivendell ran through them.

In the early Fourth Age, Elanor daughter of Samwise Gamgee and her husband Fastred moved to the Tower Hills, founding the town of Undertowers on the eastern slopes of the Hills, and becoming the Wardens of Westmarch, when the Tower Hills became the new western border of the Shire.

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Hungarian Toronydombok
Chinese (Hong Kong) 塔丘
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