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The Tooks were a famous Hobbit family of the Shire. Their ancestral home was the Great Smials of Tookland. ("Took" is pronounced with a long ōō sound as in food, rhyming with spook, not with book or cook.)


The first recorded Took (Tûk of unknown meaning in Hobbitish Westron) was an Isumbras Took, who became the 13th Thain of the Shire after Gordenhad Oldbuck crossed into Buckland, becoming Master there.

After Isumbras, the Thain position became hereditary in the Took family, and at the end of the Third Age his descendant Peregrin Took became the 19th Thain of the Took line, the 32nd in the Shire.

The Tooks lived in the Great Smials of Tuckborough, ruling Tookland in the Westfarthing of the Shire. A smaller clan called the North-Tooks lived far up in the Northfarthing; these were descendants of the legendary hero Bullroarer Took.

Even after the Hobbits had mostly discarded the family lands, most Tooks could still be found in the Southfarthing, especially the Tookland.

A part of the Took clan removed to Long Cleeve, where they were known as the Tooks of Long Cleeve.

Tooks were mainly of Fallohide Hobbit stock, and were more adventurous than the other Hobbits. They also had quite a reputation for unusual behavior, a quality not exactly valued by most hobbits. For this reason they were seen as less respectable, and for the same reason they were one of the richer clans. The Wizard Gandalf was a known, although disreputable, associate. Bilbo Baggins and Meriadoc Brandybuck both had Took mothers.

It is rumored that one of the Took ancestors had taken a fairy wife in the past and that blood left the clan not entirely hobbit-like.[1]

List of notable TooksEdit

Took Family TreeEdit


Genealogy of the familyEdit

                                               Isengrim Took II
                                                   Isumbras Took III
                                       Ferumbras III           Bandobras
                                            |             (The Bullroarer)
                                            |                     :
                                      Fortinbras I          The North-Tooks
                                   = [[Perinnia Bolger        of Long-Cleeve
                                         Gerontius "The Old" Took
                                     = Adamanta Chubb
Isengrim Hildegard  Isumbras Hildegrim    Isembold  Hildefons Isembard     Hildebrand Belladonna Donnamira Mirabella Isengar
  III              = Willow   = Rosa   = Periwinkle           = Martha     = Marmalda  = Bungo    = Hugo  = Gorbadoc
                    Burrows   Baggins      Bolger             Underhill    Brandybuck  Baggins    Boffin  Brandybuck
                      |         |             |                  |             |           |----|             |
       |---------------|        |             |               |---|            |                |            |---------|
  Fortinbrus II              Adalgrim       (many           Flambard        Sigismond      Bilbo Baggins  six others Primula
= Lalia Clayhanger      = Lira Proudfoot descendants)     = Tansy Bunce = Petunia Goodbody                             |
       |                        |                             |-------|         |                                      |
       |           |---------|--------|----------|----------|         |         |-----------|                          |
 Ferumbras III  Aldamira Rosamira Bellamira   Paladin   Esmerelda  Adelard   Rosamunda  Ferdinand                  Frodo Baggins
               = Falcar = Willem = Bandobar = Eglantine = Saradoc = Blossom = Odovacar  = Ododrida
                 Chubb  Hornblower  Took       Banks    Brandybuck  Grubb     Bolger      Bolger
                                                |          |          |                     |-----|
                      |-------|---------|-------|          |        |----------|---------|       |
                    Pearl Pimpernel Pervinca Peregrin   Meriadoc Reginard 3 daughters Everard Ferdibrand
                                             (Pippin)   (Merry)
                                            = Diamond of Long-Cleeve  = Estella Bolger
                                      = Goldilocks Gardner
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  1. The Lord of the Rings: Appendix C , "Took of Great Smials"

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