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Tol Uinen was a small island in the Bay of Rómenna just north of the city of Rómenna.[1]


Starting in about SA 750, the Guild of Venturers showed interest in the island and used it as a haven for their flagship Eämbar which was frequently anchored there. The great captain Aldarion built the lighthouse tower Calmindon there.

It was believed that the island was put there by Uinen.[2] It was destroyed when Númenor was destroyed.[3][4]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ጦል ዑኢነን
Arabic طول وينين ?
Armenian Տոլ ՈՒինեն
Belarusian Тол Уінен
Bengali টল ঊইনেন
Bulgarian Тол Уинен
Georgian ცოლ უინენ
Gujarati ટોલ ઊઇનેન
Greek Τολ Υινεν ?
Hebrew טול וינין ?
Hindi टोल ऊइनेन
Kazakh Тол Ұінен
Kurdish تۆل وینه‌ن
Kyrgyz Тол Уинэн
Macedonian Тол Уинен
Mongolian Тол Уинен
Nepali टोल ऊइनेन
Pashto طول وینېن ?
Persian طول وینهن ?
Russian Тол Уйнен
Sanskrit टोल् ऊइनेन्
Serbian Тол Уинен (Cyrillic) Tol Uinen (Latinised)
Sinhala ටොල් ඌඉනෙන්
Tajik Тол Уинен
Tamil டொல் ஊஇநெந்
Telugu టొల ఊఇనెన
Tigrinya ጦል ዑኢነን
Ukrainian Тол Уінен
Urdu طول وینےن ?
Uyghur تول ۇىنەن
Uzbek Тол Уинен (Cyrillic) Tol Uinen (Latinised)
Yiddish טאָל וינען ?


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