Tol Harndor is an Australian Smial of the Tolkien Society.


Tol Harndor was founded on May 1, 1996. Its purpose is to "discuss, discover and delight" in all the works of J. R. R. Tolkien by all available means. The group also promotes the reading of Tolkien's works through writings, book sales, interviews on the radio and the television, and through the internet. The group has had its own journal known as Tilkal since around 2001 published from time to time and a discussion group on Google. The group held two known seminars; one on August 25, 2007 and the other in August 28, 2010 both in Australia. The group encourages people to join and membership is open to all regardless of whether or whether not they are first members of the Tolkien Society.

Total membership is unknown.

Key PeopleEdit

  • Michael Kennedy (President)
  • David Powell (Webmaster and Editor-in-chief of Tilkal)


Tol Harndor is Quenya for 'Southland Island'.

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