Thorin's map

Thrór's Map

Thror's Map was the map used in The Hobbit by Thorin and Company in their Quest to regain the Lonely Mountain (Erebor).


The map was drawn up at an unknown time by Thrór and his son Thráin[1] Elrond believed it was written on a midsummer night under a crescent moon with the Moon-letters giving the directions on how to open the door.[2] It illustrated the Lonely Mountain, the river that flowed from it, the lands surrounding it, and lastly the existence of the secret-entrance on the western side of the mountain. It survived the destruction of the kingdom in TA 2770 by Smaug and was kept by Thrór as an heirloom of his people. In TA 2790 when Thrór grew old and decided to go off on an adventure of his own to the Mines of Moria, the map was given to his son Thráin for safe-keeping.[3][4] In TA 2841, Thráin left his home in the Blue Mountains (Ered Luin) with a small company to try his luck with the map, intending to reach the Lonely Mountain despite the threat from Smaug, but he never got there. Instead, he was taken prisoner by the Orcs of Dol Guldur and imprisoned in its dungeons by Sauron. Sauron took his Dwarven Ring of Power.[5]

The Moon-letters on the map read: Stand by the grey stone when the thrush knocks and the setting sun with the last light of Durin's Day will shine upon the key-hole.[6]

In TA 2850, Gandalf went to Dol Guldur in secrecy and found Thráin dying in captivity but before he died he gave Gandalf the map and the key to the secret entrance, and entrusted him to pass it on to his son Thorin.[7][8] The map was presented to Bilbo during their visit to Bag End in late April, 2941 and used throughout their adventure.[9]


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