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Biographical information

Other names
King of the Great Eagles
Date of birth
Before the Creation of Arda
Year ascended to the throne
Date of death
Realms ruled
Claws, beak, raw strength

Physical description

Eagles of Manwë
Larger than 180 feet
Hair color
Eye color

Thorondor (Sindarin; IPA: "Eagle Lord") was the King of Eagles of Middle-earth during the First Age. He was presumably the greatest of all the Eagles in terms of size, with his wingspan measuring at 30 fathoms (180 feet).


Thorondor was sent by Manwë, King of the Valar, to watch over the Ñoldor after they arrived in Beleriand. The Eldar first encountered him when he helped Fingon rescue Maedhros from imprisonment from Thangorodrim, upon which he had apparently made his home for a short time. After that, Thorondor and the rest of the Eagles settled in the Crissaegrim. When Gondolin was built, Thorondor became the ever vigilant guardian of the city. He rescued Fingolfin's body from defilement after Morgoth killed him, giving the Dark Lord a scar on his face. He and two other Eagles rescued Beren and Lúthien when Angband was aroused.

When Gondolin fell, Thorondor rescued the survivors. During the War of Wrath, Thorondor and Eärendil led the Eagles in battle with the Dragons, and may have fought with Ancalagon the Black.

In Tolkien's writings, Thorondor is not mentioned after the War of Wrath. It is believed he returned to Valinor, although his descendants remained behind. Gwaihir became the Lord of Eagles in Middle-earth after Thorondor's departure.[citation needed]


The name Thorondor was a Sindarin word which meant "Eagle Lord". It came from the words thoron ("eagle") and taur ("lord, king").

Thorondor was also named Sorontar, which was the Quenyan translation of his Sindarin name and came from the words soron ("eagle") and tar ("king").

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese (Hong Kong) 索隆多

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