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Thorin's axe

Thorin holding the axe.

Thorin's Axe

Thorin's axe was the weapon used by Thorin Oakenshield during the Quest for Erebor as related in The Hobbit.

In the Battle of the Five Armies, when Thorin and Company run out of the Lonely Mountain to engage the enemy, the book says that Thorin "wielded his axe with mighty strokes." This could very well have been designed to be the axe wielded by Thorin during the battle, but eventually it was lost upon the Dwarf-Lord's escape from Goblin-Town.

Portrayal in Adaptations Edit

In Peter Jackson's adaptions of the Hobbit, before and after the Dwarf Prince Thorin Oakenshield finds the mighty sword Orcrist, he holds a long, triangular-bladed battle-axe, that he would wield in many battles.

Axes in general are very popular amongst dwarves because they can double as both tools and weapons more often than other objects, and Thorin's axe has a long handle of steel and is reminiscent of a throwing axe with a single, triangular-shaped blade at the top, which picks up the customary dwarven motifs with their sharp angles. His axe has an angular hole cut into the blade and there is no doubt that the head of this axe was capable of delivering full swings and could easily be used for thrusting.

Thorin slayed several wargs and orcs with this axe while the company were being chased by Yazneg and his riders. Also, because of the long handle of the axe it also served Thorin as a walking stick during the company's walk through the mountains..

Thorin battle stance

Thorin ready for battle, holding both the sword Orcrist and his axe.