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The Wizards Vale is a Tolkien Mythology forum.


  • Creator: John Baggins
  • Admins: Radagast the Brown, Mungo
  • Mods: ACEImrahil666, Pallando the Blue
  • Chamber of Smaug Mod: Toulac the Legend

How it StartedEdit

The Wizards vale was started by Johnbaggins and quickly became quite a success with its Wizards in the East supplement which focused on the Blue Wizards. After a while more and more members from forums arrived and was becoming well known in the forum community.

Changing of SupplementsEdit

After a while, with no ideas and John's absence, it was time to change supplements and choose to do the whole of The Silmarillion, which is currently on its first chapter and is still going on.

Johnbaggins leavingEdit

John then made a long leave of absence because of boarding school and then decided to put the current mods at the time *Radagast and Mungo* as admins and he became an alumni admin, which is when an admin retires but still has say on the running of the site.

The Wizards Vale and Chamber of Smaug Alliance TWV&CoSAEdit

After a while the Wizards Vale became friends with the Chamber of Smaug which was a very popular site in the forum community and after a while became an alliance to aid each other in troubled times, because of this an extra forum was created in the Wizards Vale for the Chamber which is moderated by Toulac. After the destruction of Galadrim Glades a few forums have been seeing strange things like messages from locked and hidden forums on members accounts, these are still being checked into.

Current Events Edit

The Wizards Vale, although activity is slightly low at the moment, is still popular and is still keeping up with other forums.

External linkEdit

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