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I eneth nín Erinus Edit

This Lord of the Rings fan film has now changed script from The Two Hunters to a whole new story. (Title above) is an independent film inspired by the epic trilogy 'The Lord of the Rings’; it is being produced entirely by a small group of teenage volunteers with a small budget of just £200. This film was originally The Two Hunters, but that has now been canceled due to it being too large to produce.


The story of the film does not follow any particular part of the Lord of the Rings books. However it does follow a time period from the books. It is set a hundred or so years after the war between Angmar and Arnor.

Following this tale about a young Dunedain man, named Erinus, we see how he enjoys life to the full and spends most his time out in nature, for he is in love with the woods and the flowers. Suddenly, he finds his whole life ruined: he witnesses the horrors of battle, loss and loneliness. Soon he finds himself alone in the wilderness of Arnor, lost, and with no real idea what to do...

The creator has a largely undeveloped website and all information is not up to date.  It is not expected that this project will ever come to completion.


Erinus (Main Character)Edit

Race: Dúnedain

Occupation: Villager, Forced to become a Ranger

Gender: Male

Film locations Edit

The Film is set in Arnor. It is going to be filmed in Cornwall, England.


Arnor locations Edit

Bodmin Moor

Roche Rock

Cast and crew Edit

Erinus: Chris Gooderham

Orcs: Chris Gooderham, Emily Gooderham, Robert Gooderham

Dead Villagers: Karen Gooderham, Richard Gooderham, Emily gooderham

The film is having a lot of trouble finding cast and crew. If you live in Cornwall, UK, and are interested in playing in the movie, visit the website Here and contact Chris Gooderham.


There are no trailers for this film; however there is a test shoot video, which can be seen below.

External linksEdit

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