The Tolkien Bestiary (ISBN 0-920080-47-2) is chiefly an illustrated reference book pertaining to the eras, flora, fauna, and people-groups of Middle-earth throughout all Ages, written by David Day in 1978 and currently published by Harbour Publishing (Canada).

Large illustrations accompany each of the book's 258 Bestiary-pages (which comprise the fourth encyclopedic part of the book). These illustrations are mostly by Ian Miller and Allan Curless, yet the others are by Michael Foreman, Lidia Postma, John Blanche, Pauline Martin, Victor Ambrus, Sue Porter, Jaroslav Bradac, Linda Garland, and John Davis.


A drawing of a Cold Drake (p. 51), by Ian Miller

Table of Contents Edit

  • Author's Preface
  • List of Illustrations
  • A Map of Middle-earth and The Undying Lands
  • A Chronology of Middle-earth and the Undying Lands
  • A Chronology of the Kingdoms on Middle-earth in the Ages of Sun
  • A Bestiary of the Beasts, Monsters, Races, Deities and Flora
  • Genealogies of the races and kingdoms of Elves and Men
  • Index of principal sources
  • General Index

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