The Three Prayers were ancient ceremonies amongst the Númenoreans that gave praise to the coming of the seasons and to Eru Iluvatar. They took place upon Meneltarma, the chief mountain in Númenor that rose from the plains of Mittalmar.


The summit of Meneltarma was sacred to the Númenoreans, and it bore no marking, building, or altar until the coming of Sauron. There, no tool could be used, or weapon wielded. Three times a year the King spoke, and he was the only person allowed to utter speech upon the summit; other pilgrims ascended, but did so silently. The king would ascend the mountain on foot followed by a great following of people, wearing white and garlanded. The king would offer prayer at the coming of Erukyermë in the first days of spring, during Erulaitalë in midsummer, and during Eruhantalë at the end of autumn. During the Three Prayers, the Witnesses of Manwë would not alight as normal upon their stones, but would circle overhead as the ceremony progressed below.


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