The Thieves' Quarrel
[[File:Morgoth and Ungoliant by Protoguy|250px]]
Conflict: Battles of Beleriand
Date: YT ?
Place: Lammoth
Outcome: Ungoliant betrays Morgoth, and attempts to attack him. Victory for Morgoth; Ungoliant flees into the Ered Gorgoroth
Morgoth, Balrogs from Angband and Utumno Ungoliant
Morgoth Ungoliant
Morgoth and the host of Balrogs Ungoliant
None; Morgoth was webbed by Ungoliant, but is freed by the Balrogs None; Ungoliant flees and sets up her abode in Nan Dungortheb

The Thieves' Quarrel was a brief conflict shortly after the Darkening of Valinor between the spider-like entity Ungoliant and Morgoth, the Dark Lord.


After the dispute over the Silmarils, Morgoth and Ungoliant fled Valinor and made it to lands above the Firth of Drengist. At this place, Ungoliant demanded payment for helping Morgoth overthrow the Two Trees of Valinor and take the Silmarils. Grudgingly, Morgoth gave her all the jewels from one hand. But he refused to hand over the Silmarils, even though they burned him.

But Ungoliant, having grown to a powerful and monstrous form after consuming the light of the jewels, wrathfully ensnared and attempted to strangulate her master with her webs of darkness, but Morgoth sent forth a great cry. Balrogs lurking in the vaults of Angband heard him, and rushed to aid him, destroying the webs with their whips of flame.

Ungoliant fled from the region, and made her abode in Nan Dungortheb. There, she mated with the giant Spiders that dwelt in the nearby Ered Gorgoroth, and devoured them. The resulting unions produced a massive brood of half-demonic spider-like children, which infested Nan Dungortheb, as well as the Mountains of Terror, throughout the subsequent years of the First Age.

After an unknown amount of time, Ungoliant abandoned her domain, and wandered into the forgotten South of the world. Although it is believed that she devoured herself amid her uttermost famine, her true fate remains unknown.

Thus saved, Morgoth rebuilt Angband, reared the mountains of Thangorodrim, marshaled armies of Orcs, and set the Silmarils in an Iron Crown for himself.

The area of his strife with Ungoliant was hereafter known as Lammoth. Whenever someone shouted in that region, the cry of Morgoth was heard as the echo.[1]


  1. The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter VIII: "Of the Darkening of Valinor"

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