The Steward and the King
Chapter Information
Title The Steward and the King
Number 5
Previous The Field of Cormallen
Next Many Partings

 The Steward and the King is the 5th chapter in the second book of The Return of the King.


The chapter begins in Minas Tirith at the Houses of Healing after the armies departed for the Black Gate; Eowyn is taken to see Faramir, Merry is also in Minas Tirith; later they see the arrival of the armies with Aragorn, Gandalf and the four hobbits; Gandalf crowns Aragorn King of Gondor; Aragorn makes Faramir prince of Ithilien and keeps the office of Steward; Gandalf takes Aragorn to Mount Mindolluin to survey the lands of his kingdom. On midsummers eve Elrond, Galadriel, Arwen and the elves arrive in the city from the north; wedding of Aragorn and Arwen.

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