The Pyre of Denethor is the seventh Chapter of the first book of The Return of the King.


Denethor goes mad and tries to burn Faramir alive (believing him to be dead); he is saved by Gandalf; Denethor then sets fire to himself. They discover that Denethor has been using a Palantir.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Basque Denethorak txondor
Croatian Sprovod lomaču od Denethor
Czech Pohřební hranice Denethora
Danish Ligbål af Denethor
Estonian Denethor tuleriit
Finnish Denethorin rovio
French L'bûcher de Denethor
German Denethors Scheiterhaufen
Italian Il rogo di Denethor
Lithuanian Laidotuvių laužo iš Denethor
Maltese Il-ħuġġieġa tal-Denethor
Norwegian De Begravelselikbål av Denethor
Polish Stos Denethora
Portuguese A Pira de Denethor
Russian Погребальный костёр Денетора
Slovak Čiastočkou Denethor ?
Spanish La pira de Denethor
Swedish Den Begravningbålet av Denethor

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