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The Peoples of Middle-earth

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The Peoples of Middle-earth is the twelfth and final volume of The History of Middle-earth, edited by Christopher Tolkien from the unpublished manuscripts of his father J. R. R. Tolkien. Some characters (including Anairë, the wife of Fingolfin) only appear here.


The History of Middle-earth Series (1983 - 2002)

The Book of Lost Tales | The Book of Lost Tales 2 | The Lays of Beleriand | The Shaping of Middle-earth | The Lost Road and Other Writings | The Return of the Shadow | The Treason of Isengard | The War of the Ring | Sauron Defeated | Morgoth's Ring | The War of the Jewels | The Peoples of Middle-earth | The History of Middle-earth: Index

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