The Origins of Tolkien's Middle-earth for Dummies is a Guide-book by the For Dummies author Greg Harvey.


The book like all the For Dummies series attempts to explain Tolkien's fantasy world in simple for the novice of those interested in Tolkien's works.

It was published on October 3, 2003 in Paperback and is 360 pages long.


  • Foreword.
    • Introduction.
  1. Part I: The Geography of Middle-earth.
  1. Chapter 1: The Worlds of Middle-earth.
  1. Chapter 2: The Lands of Middle-earth and Beyond.
  1. Part II: The Beings of Middle-earth.
  1. Chapter 3: The Divine Ainur.
  1. Chapter 4: The Fair Race of Elves.
  1. Chapter 5: The Mortal Race of Men.
  1. Chapter 6: The Hardy Race of Dwarves.
  1. Chapter 7: Those Homespun Hobbits.
  1. Chapter 8: The Wily Wizards.
  1. Chapter 9: Beorn, Tom Bombadil, and Treebeard.
  1. Chapter 10: The Enemy and His Minions.
  1. Part III: The History of Middle-earth.
  1. Chapter 11: The Valarian Ages.
  1. Chapter 12: The First Three Ages and Then Some.
  1. Part IV: The Languages of Middle-earth.
  1. Chapter 13: Tolkien and Language.
  1. Chapter 14: The Tongues of Tolkien.
  1. Part V: The Themes and Mythology of Middle-earth.
  1. Chapter 15: The Struggle Between Good and Evil.
  1. Chapter 16: Immortality and Death.
  1. Chapter 17: The Heroic Quest.
  1. Chapter 18: Chivalry and True Love.
  1. Chapter 19: Fate and Free Will.
  1. Chapter 20: Faith and Redemption.
  1. Chapter 21: Ring-related Myths.
  1. Chapter 22: Ecological Themes.
  1. Chapter 23: Sex and Gender.
  1. Part VI: The Part of Tens.
  1. Chapter 24: Top Ten Battles in the War of the Ring.
  1. Chapter 25: Top Ten Online Middle-earth Resources.
  1. Chapter 26: Top Ten Ways the Lord of the Rings" Books Differ from the Movies.


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