The Music of the Ainur is the second chapter of The Book of Lost Tales Part One, which is the first volume of The History of Middle-earth. This chapter holds J.R.R. Tolkien's earliest version of the tale of the Ainulindalë: the creation of Arda by Eru Ilúvatar and his Ainur. This tale was written between 1919 and 1920, when Tolkien was 27 and 28, named simply The Music of the Ainur - and the final version would be published in 1977 as the first part of The Silmarillion.

The chapter that follows is "The Coming of the Valar and the Building of Valinor".

Synopsis Edit

Before the Music of the Ainur is in fact narrated, by Rúmil to Eriol (who had recently taken residence at the Cottage of Lost Play), the chapter begins after Christopher Tolkien's introduction with what he names the "Link" between the prior chapter and tale and this one. Eriol speaks with Lindo at the Cottage, sleeps and has a dream, and on the next day takes a long stroll outside listening to the birds, and comes across Rúmil. Learning that Rúmil is very old and knowledgeable, Eriol eagerly questions him of many things concerning the history of Valinor and Arda.

Following this, Christopher Tolkien comments on this Link, and then the narration of the Music of the Ainur begins, immediately from where Eriol and Rumil had left off. The narrated story holds few differences from the final Ainulindalë, such as the absence of Eru's proclamation of Eä! Let these things Be!, and of mentions to "the Secret Fire".