The Marish in The Lord of the Rings Online.

The Marish was the name of a fertile, yet boggy farmland region located in the Shire's Eastfarthing on the western side of the Brandywine, across the river from Buckland.


It was where the Oldbuck family was believed to have lived before Gorhendad Oldbuck moved the family across the Brandywine to Buckland and changed their name. The Marish was home to many farms, including Bamfurlong belonging to Farmer Maggot. The two major settlements in the Marish were Stock and Rushey.

The Hobbits of the Marish were mainly of Stoorish descent. They were large, wore boots in muddy weather, and commonly grew beards. Some Hobbits of the Marish also lived in houses instead of Smials, a practice rumored to have begun in the region.

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