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The Lost Road and Other Writings

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The Lost Road and Other Writings is the fifth volume of The History of Middle-earth, a series of compilations of drafts and essays written by J.R.R. Tolkien. It was edited and published posthumously in 1987 by Christopher Tolkien.

It contains the following pieces:

  1. "The Early History of the Legend" - an introduction to the following two pieces, detailing how Tolkien's correspondence with C. S. Lewis led to the writing of The Lost Road.
  2. The Fall of Númenor - an early draft of the Akallabêth
  3. The Lost Road - a story that connects Tolkien's other tales to the present
  4. The later Annals of Beleriand
  5. The later Annals of Valinor
  6. The Ainulindalë - an early version of The Music of the Ainur
  7. The Lhammas ("Account of Tongues") - an overview of the various languages of the Elves
  8. Quenta Silmarillion - a draft of The Silmarillion
  9. The Etymologies - a long list of words and roots, the best source on Elvish languages
  10. The second Silmarillion map

The History of Middle-earth Series (1983 - 2002)

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