The Lord of the Rings: Top Trumps are a trilogy of Top Trump card-packs based on the The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy.

Stats Edit

  • Culture (This stat actually is not numbered and cannot be selected, but displays the culture or species of the selected character)
  • Resistance to Ring (How much the selected character can resist the One Ring).
  • Age (How many years the character has walked the Earth, or, simply how old they are)
  • Resilience (How well the character reacts to danger and his or her ability to live on and defend themselves)
  • Ferocity (The ferocity and skill in battle)
  • Magic (How powerful they are in magic and sorcery)
  • Height (How tall a character is)
  • Fact File (This is also not an actual stat. Displayed here is information and history on the selected character of the card)

Packs Edit


The Fellowship of the RingEdit

  1. Arwen
  2. Barliman Butterbur
  3. Bilbo Baggins
  4. Boromir
  5. Cave Troll
  6. Elendil
  7. Elrond
  8. ElvenWarrior
  9. Frodo Baggins
  10. Galadriel
  11. Gandalf the Grey
  12. Gil-galad
  13. Gimli
  14. Gondorian Warrior
  15. Haldir
  16. Isildur
  17. Isengard Orc
  18. Legolas
  19. Lurtz
  20. Meriadoc Brandybuck
  21. Mordor Orc
  22. Moria Orc
  23. Peregrin Took
  24. Ringwraith
  25. Samwise Gamgee
  26. Saruman the White
  27. Strider
  28. The One Ring
  29. Uruk-hai
  30. Witch-king
Lord of the Rings 2

Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers Top Trump pack.

The Two TowersEdit

  1. Aragorn
  2. Arwen
  3. Berserker
  4. Dunlending Wildmen
  5. Dwarves
  6. Easterling
  7. Elrond
  8. Éomer
  9. Éowyn
  10. Faramir
  11. Frodo Baggins
  12. Galadriel
  13. Gandalf the White
  14. Gimli
  15. Gríma Wormtongue
  16. Grishnákh
  17. King Théoden
  18. Legolas
  19. Meriadoc Brandybuck
  20. Orc
  21. Peregrin Took
  22. Samwise Gamgee
  23. Saruman the White
  24. Sauron
  25. Shadowfax
  26. Sharku
  27. The One Ring
  28. Treebeard
  29. Uglúk
  30. Warg Rider

The Return of the KingEdit

Lord of the Rings 3

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King Top Trump pack.

  1. Aragorn / King Elessar
  2. Arwen
  3. Cirith Ungol Orcs
  4. Cirith Ungol Uruk-hai
  5. Denethor
  6. Elrond
  7. Éomer
  8. Éowyn
  9. Faramir
  10. Frodo Baggins
  11. Gandalf the White
  12. Gimli
  13. Gollum
  14. Gondorian Soldiers
  15. Gorbag
  16. Haradrim
  17. King Théoden
  18. Legolas
  19. Meriadoc Brandybuck
  20. Mordor Orc
  21. Mountain Troll
  22. Mumakil
  23. Peregrin Took
  24. Rohirrim
  25. Samwise Gamgee
  26. Sauron
  27. Shadowfax
  28. Shagrat
  29. The One Ring
  30. Treebeard

Trilogy Gift SetEdit

This is a special exclusive set that contains the three original packs and nine special Super Top Trumps cards for the Lord of the Rings Top Trumps.


  • The only character to age even one year is Aragorn (not including 34 year old Sméagol and 589 year old Gollum, they were 2 different Top Trumps)

Non-appearances in the cardsEdit

• Gollum

• Gollum
• Witch-King

• Galadriel
• Bilbo
• Witch-King

Super Top TrumpsEdit

Super Top Trumps are special and more powerful Top Trumps cards that cannot be found in an ordinary pack. There are twelve Lord of the Rings Super Top Trump cards.


To obtain these, it requires special methods. These can be only be found on the internet, in magazines, etc.

  1. Balrog
  2. Flying Nazgul
  3. Shelob

Trilogy Gift SetEdit

These are the Super Top Trumps obtained in the gift set mentioned earlier.

  1. Bag End
  2. Gothmog
  3. Helm's Deep
  4. Isengard
  5. King of the Dead
  6. Minas Morgul
  7. Minas Tirith
  8. Sméagol
  9. The Black Gate

German Ringcon Super Top TrumpsEdit

There were also the following cards given away at this 2004 event in Germany, and in German language only; the cards are now quite rare.

  1. Haldir
  2. Gil-galad
  3. Sméagol
  4. Fliegender Nazgul (Flying Nazgul)


These are a few possibilities for Lord of the Rings Super Top Trumps of the future:

  1. Brego
  2. Mouth of Sauron
  3. Sauron (Physical form)
  4. Watcher in the Water
  5. Warg

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