The Last Stage is the nineteenth and final chapter of J.R.R Tolkien's The Hobbit.


Bilbo and Gandalf arrive at Rivendell for rest before continuing on. Soon they come to the Trollshaws, and find the treasure they had found in the Troll cave that they had buried long ago. Before long, Gandalf and Bilbo arrive in The Shire and Bilbo returns to Bag End in Hobbiton. He finds an auction going on, but soon Bilbo returns to his quiet life and takes to writing poetry and occasionally visiting Elves. He begins writing his memories. A few years later, Bilbo is visited by Gandalf and Balin, and hears of news from Dale and the Lonely Mountain.


Bilbo and Gandalf arrive Rivendell. There, Gandalf and Elrond exchange tales of great deeds, past and present, while Bilbo recovers from his weariness and wounds through rest and the magic of the elves. Bilbo learns the reason Gandalf left the Company near Mirkwood: he was fighting alongside the council of white wizards to drive the Necromancer out the south. Finally, Bilbo and Gandalf travel the last, long stretch of road back to the Shire. Approaching his home, Bilbo receives a nasty surprise: he has been presumed dead, and the contents of his hill are being auctioned off.

Though he puts a stop to the auction and recovers most of his valuables, Bilbo is never again really accepted by the other hobbits. They view his adventuring with skepticism, and his return with gold and tales of dragons and war only confirms the hobbits’ suspicion that Bilbo is crazy.

A few years later, he is visited by Gandalf and Balin, who tell him that Bard is the new Master of Lake-town, as the old Master stole much of the gold and fled, but eventually died in the south. Dale has been rebuilt and is prospering alongside the Lonely Mountain. The meeting affirms Bilbo's belief that he does not care what the other hobbits think of him, as he is content with his life and all the comforts of his home at Bag End.


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Songs and VersesEdit

  1. Come back to the Valley
  2. Merry is May-time
  3. The Road Goes Ever On

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