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The Languages of Tolkien's Middle-earth is a reference and explanatory book written by Ruth S. Noel, published currently by the Houghton Mifflin Company (Boston). It serves as a lexical and grammatical handbook for enthusiasts of Tolkien's invented languages and scripts, and includes also the narrative of Tolkien as a linguist.

As of 1980, however, the sections of the book pertaining to Elvish are outdated and in many places innaccurate, specifically in the area of learning Quenya and of comparisons between Quenya and Sindarin. [1]


Table of contents Edit

  • Part I: Language in Tolkien's Middle-earth
    • Tolkien the Linguist
    • Westron and the Lines of the Kings
    • The Language of Hobbits
    • The Language of the Rohirrim
    • The Languages of Rhovannion - (In this chapter, words and names such as Arkenstone, Olorin, and Scatha are translated via their roots in Old English, Old Norse, Old High German, or even Slavonic.)
    • Quotations Translated
    • Runes and Letters
  • Part II: The Elvish Languages
    • The Elven Tongues and the Power of Language
    • Using Elvish
    • English-to-Elvish Glossary
  • Part III: The Tolkien Dictionary: Fourteen Tolkien Languages
    • Pronunciation
    • Codes - this is a legend for the following chapter, which is a glossary
    • The Tolkien Dictionary

Errors Edit

  • In the Table of Contents, chapter 5 of Part I is spelled "The Languages of Rhovannion". Rhovanion is the correct spelling of the place.
  • In chapter 5, "The Languages of Rhovannion", the entry for the word Dwarrowdelf (which is Moria) is spelled Dwerrowdelf.
  • Also in chapter 5, the term Variag is one of the entries. Variags are the people of the land of Khand, and Khand is not a region of Rhovanion.

Editions Edit

The book was written in 1974, at which time its full title was The Languages of Middle-earth. The Mirage Press publication of this book had the same title.

Hardback: ISBN 0-395-29129-1

Paperback: ISBN 0-385-29130-5

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