The Host of Valinor also known as the Host of the West[1] was the great force of Aman that defeated Morgoth at the end of the First Age.


Moved by the words of Eärendil, the Valar agreed once again to move against Morgoth. They assembled a great force led by Eönwë that consisted of presumably all the Valar, Maiar and all the Elves of Valinor except for the Teleri, who agreed only to sail the ships to the shores of the Beleriand. The great army was quickly joined by the Edain. They met the forces sent by Morgoth in Anfauglith and easily defeated them, but as they approached the gates of Angband, they were driven back by the great winged Dragons led by Ancalagon The Black. Eärendil came forth, and was joined by the Eagles led by Thorondor; they reinforced the Host of the Valar and defeated the forces of Morgoth. Ancalagon himself was slain. Finally, the host routed all the remaining forces of the pits of Angband and captured Morgoth, effectively ending his evil reign in Middle-earth.

The Host however will be reassembled to fight the forces of Morgoth that will fight in Dagor Dagorath, it is believed in this battle the dark powers will be more powerful than ever before and will be able to stand against the host.[2]

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