Saruman 2

Saruman, the founder of the White Hand

The White Hand of Saruman was the primary symbol of the Uruk-hai, created by
Saruman the White, a member of the Istari and later a servant to Sauron. The "hand" was featured mainly on banners and flags of Saruman's Army. The hand is used as an intimidating symbol on the helmets and faces of Uruk-Hai

The hand, shown primarily in Peter Jackson's Lord of the Rings Film Trilogy, is created by Orcs dipping their hands in white paint-like substance, and applying the paint on each other's helmets and faces. The hand is well known to its enemies, proven by Éomer knowing what the symbol means right away.


"Orcs roam freely across our lands, killing at will. Orcs bearing the White Hand of Saruman."

- Éomer to Gríma

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