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The Grey Annals are the chronology made by J.R.R. Tolkien that comprises the first part of The War of the Jewels, which is the eleventh volume of The History of Middle-earth. They were the first large-scale timeline of Middle-earth, and their final version in Tolkien's legendarium is the Timeline of Arda.

"These are the Annals of Beleriand as they were made by the Sindar, the Grey Elves of Doriath and the Havens, and enlarged from the records and memories of the remnant of the Noldor of Nargothrond and Gondolin at the Mouths of Sirion, whence they were brought back into the West."
This chapter or "part" of the book can be seen as a synopsis of the happenings of the first half of Quenta Silmarillion, which was written afterwards. The years by which the Annals were ordered are called "Valian Years", being named after the Valar. Interspersed throughout, and in the whole second half of the chapter, are Christopher Tolkien's notes and explanations of changes his father had made to people and locations, and of references made within the Annals to external, historic Middle-earth tales.

The Annals begin with the Valian year 1050, in which Melian the Maia came from Valinor and the Quendi were awoken in Cuiviénen - they end with the last events of The Children of Húrin; specifically the inscription of Túrin and Niënor's gravestone, which are in the year 499 of the First Age.

The Grey Annals, which are Part One of the book, are followed by "Of Men", the first chapter of Part Two.[1]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Die Grys Annale
Albanian Gri Analet
Amharic ግራጫ መዛግብት ላይ ?
Arabic غراي حوليات
Armenian Մոխրագույն տարեգիրք
Azerbaijani Boz Salnamə
Basque Gris Kroniken
Belarusian Cyrillic Шэрыя Аналы
Bengali গ্রে কাহিনী
Bosnian Siva Anali
Bulgarian Cyrillic Сив анали
Cambodian នេះរបាក្សត្រប្រផេះ
Catalan Els Annals Gris
Chinese 灰色的史册
Croatian Siva Anali
Czech Šedé Análů
Danish De Grå Annaler
Dutch De Grijze Annalen
Esperanto La Grego Anales
Estonian Hall Ajaraamat
Filipino Ang kulay abong na talaan
Finnish Harmaa Annals
French Les Annales Grises
Frisian De Grize Annalen
Galician Os Anais Grises
Georgian რუხი ანალები
German Die Grauen Annalen
Greek Οι γκρι χρονικά
Gujarati ગ્રે એનલ્સ
Hebrew בתולדות אפור
Hindi ग्रे इतिहास
Hungarian A Szürke Krónikák
Icelandic Grár Annals
Indonesian Sejarah abu-abu
Irish Gaelic Annála liath
Italian Gli Annali Grigi
Japanese 灰色の年代記
Javanese Werna abu-abu Sejarah
Kannada ಗ್ರೇ ಆನ್ನಲ್ಸ್
Kazakh Cyrillic Сұр жылнамасы
Korean 그레이 실록
Laotian ພົງສາວະດານສີຂີ້ເຖົ່າ
Latvian Pelēkās Hronika
Lithuanian Pilkieji Metraštis
Macedonian Cyrillic Греј Аналите
Malay Kitab Sejarah Kelabu
Malayalam ചാര ശ്രീമഹാക്ഷേത്രം
Marathi ग्रे ऐतिहासिक
Mongolian Cyrillic саарал түүхийн сударт
Norwegian De Grå Annaler
Persian خاکستری سالانه
Polish Szare Annały
Portuguese Os Anais Cinzentos
Punjabi ਸਲੇਟੀ ਇਤਿਹਾਸ
Romanian Analele Gri
Russian Серая анналы
Serbian Сиви анале (Cyrillic) Sivi Anale (Latin)
Sinhalese අළු පුරාවෘත්ත
Slovak Šedá Anály
Slovenian Sivi Analih
Somalian Taariikhda Cirro
Spanish Los Anales Grises
Swedish De Grå Annaler
Tajik Cyrillic Бодияви хокистарӣ ?
Telugu గ్రే అన్నల్స్
Thai พงศาวดารสีเทา
Turkish Gri Yıllıklar
Ukrainian Cyrillic сірі Аннали
Urdu گرے تاریخ
Uzbek Кулранг Тарихи (Cyrillic) Kulrang Tarixi (Latin)
Vietnamese Các biên niên sử xám
Welsh Mae'r Croniclau Llwyd
Yiddish די גריי אַננאַלס


  1. The History of Middle-earth, Vol. XI: The War of the Jewels

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