The Choices of Master Samwise is the tenth chapter of the second book of The Two Towers.

  • X - The Choices of Master Samwise - In this chapter Sam confronts Shelob after discovering her leaning over his master's body. In the subsequent conflict Shelob is blinded in one eye and driven away. After this an Orc patrol led by Gorbag and Shagrat discovers Frodo's prone body. Frodo is then taken by the Orcs to Cirith Ungol after his poisoning by Shelob. The orcs discuss the scene before them and accidentally mistake Sam for an elf warrior. Then Gorbag explains that Frodo is in fact alive, and Sam listens to the Orcs talking, which is how he finds out that Frodo is still alive, having previously thought that he had been killed by Shelob. He then pursues the orcs to the tower of Cirith Ungol where he successfully passed the Watchers in the process. 

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