Chamber of Mazarbul 1

Gimli enters the chamber.

The Chamber of Mazarbul, or Chamber of Records, was the name of a room in Moria containing the tomb of Balin.


Failed colonyEdit

Balin established himself at this chamber after driving out the orcs from Moria. His tomb was placed there, positioned so that the shaft in the wall spilled its light directly upon its stone. The chamber itself had two wooden doors inlaid with iron trusses for fortification on either side; When the Fellowship of the Ring arrived at the Chamber of Mazarbul, it was dusty, claustrophobic, and unsightly, save the clean tomb in the middle. Littered about the floor of the chamber were many bones, papers, skeletons, and weapons such as Orc-scimitars. Only one guard room lay off to the side of the chamber, where Pippin evidently let the skeleton (sitting atop the hole in the center of the room) loose down the well. There were recesses carved into the walls, filled with broken chests of wood. Beside one of them was a badly damaged book- slashed and burned- called the Book of Mazarbul, with the records of the dwarves' colonization and attempt of defense found within. 

The Fellowship of the Ring was attacked in the Chamber of Mazarbul by many orcs (interchangeably, goblins;) both of the Misty Mountains, Gundabad and Mordor. The Fellowship were able to drive their enemies back before fleeing the chamber. Gandalf attempted to put a shutting-spell on the door as the rest of the fellowship fled, but something the orcs were calling ghâsh (their word for "fire"), which they shouted amongst the dum -dum- dum in the deep, counter-spelled it and the door was broken. The wall and roof of the chamber gave way, burying Balin's tomb, as Gandalf was knocked down the steps- he later recalled this to the fellowship as they entered the Hall of the Dwarrowdelf on their way down to the Third Deep, only to be stopped by Durin's Bane—from danger, into danger.

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

Peter Jackson's The Fellowship of the RingEdit

In the film, the Chamber of Mazarbul battle-scene is similar to the book's but Frodo is attacked by a Cave-troll instead of an orc chieftain. It is implied that the orcs and the Troll are alerted when Peregrin Took examines a skeleton and knocks it down a well, causing a great deal of noise to echo through the mines. The Fellowship manages to kill the troll and they all flee together to the Bridge of Khazad-dûm.

One difference between the book and the movie was that the Book of Mazarbul in the novel has Gandalf handing the volume to Gimli to take to Dain Ironfoot at the Lonely Mountain.

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Chinese 馬薩布爾大廳
Finnish Mazarbulin kammio
German Kammer von Mazarbul
Italian Camera di Mazarbul
Russian Чертог Мазарбул
Spanish La cámara de Mazarbul