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The Berghold

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! Non-Canon Alert!
The subject of this article originates from non-canonical sources. To find out about what is considered "canon" see LOTR:Canon.
The Berghold
The Berghold
Background Information
Type Dwarven Fortress
Location Thorin's Gate
Realms Ered Luin (The Blue Mountains)
Founded/Built Sometime after the fall of Erebor
Ruler Thorin Oakenshield
Other Information
Summary Large gate to Thorin's Halls
Other names
Inhabitants Dwarves
Spoken Languages Common Speech, Khuzdul

The Berghold was Dourhands King Skorgrim's tomb within Thorin's Gate near Thorin's Halls, after the discovery of his body before the quest of Erebor and only Dourhands were allowed entrance to it. Dwalin's group infiltrated it in order to stop Gormr Doursmith from bringing the King from the dead, something in which Gormr succeeded in but at the cost of his life.



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