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Tevildo was Morgoth's servant, and was the Lord of the Cats.


His physical features included his being black as the starless night, and having blood red eyes. He had servants that were cats, and they were huge because Morgoth (Melkor), the first dark lord, put a spell on them which made them massive in size, utterly ferocious, and deadly when fighting. Two of the most famous servants of Tevildo were Oikeroi and Umuiyan.[1]

Tevildo, along with being given massive size, was also given a mystical collar made of gold that enhanced his power even further. This collar was later taken from him by Huan, a hound of Valinor. Huan then forced Tevildo, in return for Huan's not killing him, to give up the words that Morgoth had used to enchant Tevildo's cat servants. That ended the cats' enchantment, and they (though not Tevildo) returned to their normal size. Morgoth was furious when he learned that the cats had betrayed him.[1]


Other namesEdit

His full name was Tiberth Bridhon Miaugion. The Elves simply called him "Tevildo". His Gnomish name was Tifil, coming from tif ("resentment, ill-feeling").[1][2][3]

Other versions of the legendariumEdit

The character of Tevildo was eventually deleted from Middle-earth history and was replaced as Morgoth's chief servant by Sauron, who fought Huan as a werewolf in The Silmarillion.


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