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The Barrow-wights were of a substance of darkness that could destroy one's will. They were shape-shifters and could move from form to form and animate whatever life-form they wished. Most often a Barrow-wight would come on a traveller in the guise of a dark-phantom whose eyes were luminous and cold. The voice of the figure was horrible and hypnotic, its skeletal hand having a touch like ice and a grip like the iron jaws of a trap. Once under the spell of the Undead, the victim had no will of his own. In this way the Barrow-wights drew the living into the treasure tombs of the downs. The singing of tortured souls could be heard inside the Barrow's tombs, in the eerie green light, the Barrow-wight laid his victim on a stone altar and chained him in shackles of gold. He draped him in pale cloth and precious jewellery of the ancient dead, and with a sacrificial sword ended the misery of its victim.

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