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Romendacil 1

Romendacil I, King of Gondor




Rómendacil I

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Rómendacil I born as Tarostar was the eighth King of Gondor.


Rómendacil was the son of King Ostoher. When the Easterlings invaded in TA 490, the young Tarostar as crown-prince was charged with fighting them as his father was too old. He succeeded his father upon his death in TA 492. He rode against them in many battles and finally defeated them by TA 500. After the victory he renamed himself to Rómendacil, meaning "East-victor".

It was he that created the office of the Steward of Gondor and they would be men of wisdom and learning that would serve as high councilors to the king.[1] This act set the stage for a line of men, known as the House of Húrin that would later be the rulers of Gondor when the line of the kings failed in TA 2050.

The peace on Gondor's frontiers was not to last forever: forty years later in TA 541 the Easterlings invaded once again, and he rode to meet them in battle but was slain.

He was succeeded by his son Turambar.

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