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Tarannon Falastur

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Tarannon (TA 654 - TA 913, r. TA 830 - TA 913) was the twelfth King of Gondor. He, along with Narmacil I, was one of two childless Kings of Gondor — meaning that he was a "breakpoint" in the bloodline. Nevertheless his rule was marked by such vigorous naval expansion that at his coronation he took the regnal name of Falastur, which meant 'Lord of the Coasts'.


Tarannon was born in the year TA 654 and succeeded his father Siriondil in TA 830. He started the construction of Gondor's navies, and was thus the first of the so-called 'Ship-kings'. Under his expansionist and militarily successful rule, Gondor's influence extended to the west and south of the Mouths of Anduin.

Despite his successes, his reign was troubled by the intrigues of Queen Berúthiel who spied on everyone within the kingdom. When she went too far he sent her into exile. As a consequence he died childless (in TA 913) and was succeeded by his nephew Eärnil I.

Preceded by:
King of Gondor
TA 830 - TA 913
Followed by:
Eärnil I

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