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Tar-Ancalimon (SA 1986 - SA 2386, r. SA 2221 - SA 2386) was the 14th ruler of Númenor. He succeeded his father, Tar-Atanamir. His name means "Most Bright".

Background Edit

During Tar-Ancalimon's reign, two opposing parties arose among Númenóreans: the Elf-friends, or Elendili (also called "The Faithful"), advocated continuing devotion to the Valar and friendship with the elves, and the "King's Men" who propounded men's independence and self-determination, seeing how they had reached the apex of their might.

During his time, the Elven tonques were discouraged and now no longer taught to Númenórean children. The royal titles however were still taken in Quenya out of respect for ancient customs rather than love for the Eldar. His split would culminate in the Fall of Númenor.

Tar-Ancalimon ruled for one-hundred and sixty-five years and was succeeded by his son, Tar-Telemmaitë.

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