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Taniquetil also known as the Holy Mountain was the highest peak in all of Arda's history. It was part of the Pelóri, just south of the Calacirya. It was on the peak of this mountain that the greatest dwelling place of the Valar, Ilmarin, existed. It was here that Manwë and Varda were able to view all of Arda, even past over Kalórmë, where lie the Gates of Morning.


Taniquetil and the Eagles


Taniquetil, the great Holy Mountain, the tallest peak in Arda, stood among the Pelóri Mountains on the borders of Valinor in the Undying Lands. According to the Annals of Aman, it was raised 3,450 Valian Years (or 33,000 solar years) after the Valar arrived in . The mansions of Manwë and Varda were on this mountain, and the Vanyar came to dwell at its base.

After the Lamps of the Valar were destroyed by Melkor in the distant past of the World, the Valar themselves withdrew from Middle-earth into a land on the far western edges of Arda. Along its eastern shoreline, they raised a great mountain range as a defence against the Dark Lord, and the greatest of all those mountains - indeed, the greatest mountain in the World - was an immensely tall white peak known as Taniquetil.

On the peak of Taniquetil, Manwë and Varda had their halls of Ilmarin, from which they looked out across the World, and from those halls Manwë sent out his hawks and eagles to watch over Arda. Because the dwellings of the Elder King and his spouse were located on its summit, Taniquetil became known as the Holy Mountain. Such was the reverence of the Vanyar for the Mountain of Manwë that they abandoned their own city of Tirion, and settled on the flanks of the great mountain beneath the halls of the King of Arda.[1]

Other Names/EtymologyEdit

The mountain holds the same place in Arda as Mount Olympus holds in Greek mythology.



Also known as {Oron} Oiolossë ("{Mount of} Everlasting Whiteness", pronounced [(ˈoron) ˌoɪ.oˈlosːe]) in Quenya and Amon Uilos in Sindarin (pronounced [ˈamon ˈuɪlos]). In Valarin it was called Dâhan-igwiš-telgûn, or less properly Dahanigwishtilgûn.

Taniquetil even had other names like Elerrína, Crowned with Stars, Hill of Ilmarin, the Mountain, and Uilos.[2]

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