Tania Rodger is a Weta Workshop manager who worked on Peter Jackson's first three films.
Tania Rodger

Tania Rodger


Tania Rodger had considered a career as a performer in the theater, but on arriving in Wellington with Richard Taylor, quickly discovered that there were creative opportunities equally as rewarding within the film industry.

Joining with Richard in 1987 to form their own company, they set about creating a workshop facility that could provide a range of artistic skills and services to the entertainment industry.

Tania performed all the business mangement roles, including Health and Safety, looking after the importation of all the materials from around the world, and also was integral in the day to day running of the Workshop. Tania specialised in running the Foam Latex Department and producing any creature or human eye replicas needed for the puppets that they were making.

As the company has grown in size and more people come to join Weta, Tania's role has taken on more of an administrative one and ultimately she has found that she is now exclusively involved in the management and running of the facility.

Although Tania is afforded little spare time in her busy work life, she has found a great creative outlet in the filming of Behind The Scenes of The Weta Workshop. Her footage and photographs have been used on a number of 'making of' documentaries, as seen in the disc-appendices of the extended editions of the films.

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