Weathertop is indeed not explicitly mentioned in The Hobbit. But I believe there is a refference to it in Chapter II: Roast mutton.

"...Not far ahead were dreary hills, rising higher and higher, dark with trees. On some of them were old castles with an evil look, as if they had een build by wicked people."

The 'old castle part' could reffere to the ruins of The Ancient Fortress of Amon Sûl (aka Weathertop)

This happens just after they left Hobbit-lands and before encountering the trolls (around Trollshaws), so the time and place fits right in. 15:19, April 17, 2010 (UTC)

Possible photo from where this was filmed? Edit

I was recently at a LOTR-themed trek at Port Waikato, where Weathertop was filmed. Maybe this panorama will help? I'm not sure. It's a 360 degree view from the top of a hill where the barn was on this farm. Either way, it's a lovely view! I'll drag through some of my other photos from the trip to ensure that I don't have a photo which could be more useful than the sort've blurry and ISO-grain filled one that you currently have. — Terimaree (talk) 02:00, November 17, 2011 (UTC)