• The Witch-king of Angmar again challenged King Eärnur to single combat, Mardil Voronwë again advised restraint and urged the King to leave the challenge unanswered. Eärnur, however was wroth with anger and in his anger, he foolishly accepted the challenge. With a small honor, guard of knights Eärnur rode to Minas Morgul to engage the Witch-king of Angmar in single combat. Neither the King, nor his small honor guard returned from the ill-fated riding.
  • King Eärnur was childless and had no heir, his disappearance and death heralded the end of the royal dynasty of Gondor (until the return of King Aragorn II Elessar in TA 3019.
  • Mardil Voronwë became, the first Ruling Steward of Gondor, following the disappearance of the King, Mardil ruled Gondor in the King's stead.

also known as Shire Reckoning 450

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