The Spring of Arda was a time period before the Awakening of the Children of Ilúvatar.


In this period before the Elves appeared, the Valar had ordered the world as they wished and rested upon Almaren (their first kingdom), and Melkor lurked beyond the Walls of Night. During this time, the Vala Yavanna planted the seeds that she had long prepared and the first plants and forests started to grow. Animals as well as many other beasts appeared as well roaming and traversing the new world.

Afterwards, the Valar rested allowing things to take stock of themselves enjoying the fruits of their labors and the bliss of the new world. Then the Valar made a great feast and celebrated as Tulkas married Nessa and things were merry. Tulkas then began to sleep.

It was at this time that Melkor, a form with a sense terror and malice that only the Valar have ever seen decided to return to Arda settling in the far north where the light of Illuin was dim. There he began delving the deeps of a great fortress known as Utumno and from there he made his plans to despoil the works of the Valar. He blighted and poisoned the earth causing living things to fall sick and rot. Knowing that it could only be the work of Melkor, they began to search for him but Melkor was already prepared and before they could find him, he struck destroying the two Lamps of the Valar.

The casting down of the great pillars of the lamps threw the seas into chaos and so also set the world ablaze, as great flames poured out from the lamps. The world was broken and the Valar could not deal with Melkor because their greater strength was needed to restrain the tumults of the world.

The Spring of Arda was over. Almaren was destroyed. Shortly afterwards, the Valar moved to the far western land of Aman and made it their home. There they fenced themselves in and created the Two Trees for light. A new era had begun.[1]

Translations around the WorldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Afrikaans Lente van Arda
Albanian Pranvera e Arda
Amharic ዓርዳ ስለ ፀደይ
Arabic ربيع أرضا
Armenian Գարնանը Արդա
Azerbaijani Bahar Arda
Basque Arda udaberrian
Belarusian Cyrillic вясной Арда
Bengali আর্দা বসন্তে
Bosnian Proljeće Arda
Bulgarian Cyrillic Пролетта на Арда
Burmese ၏နွေဦးအရ္ဒ​ ?
Cambodian និទាឃរដូវនៃការារដា ?
Catalan Primavera d'Arda
Cebuano Tingpamulak sa Arda
Chichewa Masika a Arda
Chinese 春天的阿尔达
Corsican Primavera di Arda
Croatian Proljeće od Arda
Czech Jaro z Ardy
Danish Foråret af Arda
Dutch Voorjaar van Arda
Esperanto Printempo de Arda
Estonian Kevadel Arda
Fijian Ena vulaitubutubu ni Arda
Filipino Tagsibol ng Arda
Finnish Ardan kevät
French Printemps d'Arda
Frisian Maitiid fan Arda
Galician Primavera de Arda
Georgian საგაზაფხულო არდა
German Frühling von Arda
Greek Την άνοιξη του Άρντα
Gujarati આર્ડા વસંત
Haitian Creole Prentan de Arda
Hawaiian Kupulau o Arda
Hebrew האביב של ארדה
Hindi आर्द के वसंत
Hmong Caij nplooj ntoos hlav ntawm Arda
Hungarian Tavaszán Arda
Icelandic Vorið af Arda
Indonesian Musim semi Arda
Irish Gaelic Earrach na Arda
Italian Primavera di Arda
Japanese アルダの春
Kannada ಆರ್ದ​ ಸ್ಪ್ರಿಂಗ್
Kazakh Cyrillic Арда Көктем
Korean 아르다의 봄
Kurdish Bihar ji Arda (Kurmanji Kurdish)
Kyrgyz Cyrillic Арда жаз
Latin Fons Arada
Latvian Arda pavasara
Lithuanian Arda pavasarį
Luxembourgish Fréijoer vun Arda
Macedonian Cyrillic Пролетта на Арда
Maltese Rebbiegħa tal Arda
Malay Musim bunga Arda
Maori Puna o Arda
Marathi आर्दा च्या वसंत ऋतु
Mongolian Cyrillic Арда-ийн хавар
Nepalese आर्द को वसन्त
Norwegian Våren av Arda
Pashto د پسرلي آردا
Persian بهار آردا
Polish Wiosna z Ardy
Portuguese Primavera de Arda
Punjabi ਆਰ੍ਦ ਦੀ ਬਸੰਤ
Querétaro Otomi Nk'ants'i Arda
Romanian Primăvară de Arda
Russian Весна Арды
Samoan O le tautotogo o le Arda
Scottish Gaelic Earrach de Àrda
Serbian Пролеће од Арда (Cyrillic) Proleće od Arda (Latin)
Sesotho Nakong ea selemo ka Arda
Shona Muchirimo Arda
Sinhalese ආර්ද වසන්තයේ
Slovak Jar Ardy
Slovenian Spomladi Arda
Somalian Guga ee Arda
Spanish Primavera de Arda
Sudanese Cinyusu tina Arda
Swahili Majira ya kuchipua ya Arda
Swedish Våren av Arda
Tahitian Tau faatupuraa raau o te Arda
Tajik Cyrillic Баҳор аз Арда
Tamil அடாவின் வசந்தம் ?
Telugu ఆర్ద వసంతకాలంలో
Thai ฤดูใบไม้ผลิของอาร์ดา
Tongan Fa'ahita'u failau 'o e Arda
Turkish Arda bahar
Ukrainian Cyrillic весна Арди
Urdu موسم بہار کی ?
Uzbek Баҳорги Арда (Cyrillic) Bahorgi Arda (Latin)
Vietnamese Mùa xuân của Arda
Welsh Gwanwyn o Arda
Yiddish ספּרינג פון אַרדאַ
Yucatec Maya Yáax k'iino' u Arda


  1. The Silmarillion, Quenta Silmarillion, Chapter I: "Of the Beginning of Days"

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