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"I Can't Carry It for You... but I Can Carry You." to Arador
Arafinwë to Belfalas
Belg to Cave-Drake
Cave-troll to Dunland
Dunlending to Evil Eye
Evonyn to Firienfeld
Firith to Gothmog (Third Age)
Gothmog the Balrog to House of Thingol
Houses of Healing to Kopanzke
Korela to Mallor
Mallorn to Music of Ainur
Music of the Ainur to Orfalch Echor
Orgaladh to Ringlo river
Ringló to SR 1346
SR 1349 to Slag Hills
Sleep of Yavanna to TA 2668
TA 2670 to Telemnar
Teleporno to The Sacrifice of Faramir (scene)
The Scouring of the Shire to Under-way
Underhill to Zamîn
Zhaneen to Þauron

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