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"I Can't Carry It for You... but I Can Carry You." to Arador
Arafinwë to Beleth
Belfalas to Causeway
Causeway Forts to Dumbledors
Dunedain to Evangeline Lilly
Evelyn McGee to Firebeards
Firefoot to Gorthaur
Gorthol to House of Hador
House of Haleth to Kinslaying at Alqualondë
Kiran Shah to Main Page/Edit
Mairen to Mr. Bliss
Mr. Butterbur to Orc-men
Orc Beverage to Ridolach
Rimmon to SR 1322
SR 1326 to Sir Michael Hordern
Sirannon to TA 2589
TA 2590 to Tatya
Tatyar to The Return of the King (film)
The Return of the King (game) to Uinen
Ulaire to YT 1362
YT 1449 to Þauron

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