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"I Can't Carry It for You... but I Can Carry You." to Aníron
Anórien to Battle Under the Trees
Battle at Weathertop to Brownies
Browns Family to December 10
December 11 to Elendor
Elendur to FA 532
FA 534 to Frár
Fréa to Gundabad Orcs
Gundabad Orcs & Wolf Riders to Imak Peh
Imbar to Kings of Rohan
Kings of the Reunited Kingdom to Lord of Barad-Dûr
Lord of Barad-dûr to Messenger Service
Methed-en-glad to Nienna the Compassionate
Nienor to Osse
Ossiriand to River Gelion
River Hobbits to SR 1387
SR 1388 to Sir Ian McKellen
Sir Michael Hordern to TA 2515
TA 2523 to Tarkhesh
Tarmabar to The Lord of the Rings movie trilogy
The Lord of the Rings trilogy to Tolkien top 100
Tolkien vs. Bakshi: The Lord of the Rings (1978 film) to West
West-March to Þauron

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