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"I Can't Carry It for You... but I Can Carry You." to April 23
April 24 to Battle of goblin town
Battle of helm's deep to Calendar
Calendar of Imladris to Did you know
Differences Between Jackson's Movies and Tolkien's Books to Endless Stair
Endor to Farmann
Farmer Cotton to Gildor
Gildor (edain) to Heavy battle axe
Heikki Goldwatcher to January 4
January 5 to Limlight
Limlîht to May 27
May 28 to Nathaniel Lees
Naugladur to Orgulas Brandybuck
Ori to Ringol
Rings to SR 1355
SR 1356 to Sindri
Singollo to TA 2545
TA 2552 to Tarmabar
Tarmasundar to The Pyre of Denethor
The Pyre of Denethor (scene) to Túrin I
Túrin II to YT 1128
YT 1130 to Þauron

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