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"I Can't Carry It for You... but I Can Carry You." to April 19
April 2 to Battle of Pelargir
Battle of Rhudaur to Cairn of Fingolfin
Calacirya to Dezful
Diamond "of Long Cleeve" Took to Emyn Uial
Enchanted Isles to Fangluin Bluebeard
Fangorn to Gelmir (of Angrod's kin)
Gems to Harlond
Harlond (Minas Tirith) to Janprok
January to Lebethron
Lee Pace to Matches
Mathi Stouthand to Nan Curunír
Nan Dungortheb to One-Ring
One Ring to Rhûnic
Rian to SR 1280
SR 1283 to Siege of Ettenmoors
Siege of Gondamon to TA 238
TA 2385 to Tar-Ardamin
Tar-Atanamir to The Nazgûl tombs
The New Shadow to Tul Isra
Tul Poac to Woods of Orome
Woods of Oromë to Þauron

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