Gondorian Spearmen from Third Age - Total War, a total conversion mod of Medieval 2: Total War.

Spears are weapons consisting of long poles, usually made of wood with a sharpened end of any material, which varied upon the civilisations sophistication, technology and resources.

Spears are used for both hunting and warfare. They were the staple weapon of the common soldier as they were easy to make, and were the most effective for anti cavalry. Lightened versions could also be thrown, but early versions were simply too heavy.

Spears were common in Middle-earth. The Vanyar were famous for their spears. The Rangers of the Grey Company bore spears, as well as swords and bows.

Origin (Speculative)Edit

As the Ainur were the first beings in the world and Oromë was a hunter, it was he who probably invented it for use in his hunting activities in Middle-earth in ancient times.


The Elves probably made their own and used it for hunting while still in eastern middle-earth before the Great Journey. After returning to Middle-earth in pursuit of Morgoth, the use of the spear changed from just hunting to use in war.

When men awoke in the First Age, they probably made their own and used it for hunting or perhaps warfare. Later, learning from the elves, they probably perfected it and passed it down to future generations up to Númenor and onward.

The Elves of Mirkwood also brought spears into the Battle of the Five Armies. Saruman used pikemen in the Battles of the Fords of Isen (though not at the Hornburg as in the movie).

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