Angus McBride - Light-drake

by Angus McBride

Spark-dragons or Light-drakes were a breed of dragons of whom all that is known is from the nomenclature by the Eldar. No story tells of their appearance in the history of Arda, but one can assume that somehow they radiated light (and therefore perhaps were related to, or were another name for, the great glow-worms).


Fealóke is the name for this breed in Quenya, consisting of fea ("spark"; from root PHAY-, "radiate, send out rays of light") and lóke ("dragon"; from root LOK-, "great serpent, dragon").[1]

Portrayal in adaptationsEdit

In these games, "Light-drakes" were seen as a kind of dragon breeds.

Video gamesEdit

  • In Middle-earth Role Playing, light-drakes are rare, wingless dragons. They prefer to fight with their tails, which hold an electrically charged fluid that delivers "a 'sting' analogous to the impact of a lightning bolt".[2]

Card gamesEdit


  • It is unknown whether the name "spark" refers to any electron or light-relating abilities utilized by these dragons.


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