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South Gondor, also known as Harondor, is a region of Gondor near Harad and Umbar.

The southern part of Gondor consisted of Haradwaith and Ithilien. It was ruled from Osgiliath during the golden age of Gondor. The men of Ithilien usually did not recognize the realm of men. The men of Haradwaith were also annoyed that Isildur had liberated their lands. The city of Osgiliath was at this time a thriving city from which Isildur ruled. The Pelennor Fields were also classed as South Gondor, whereas Enedwaith and the northern areas such as Lebennin and Lamedon were not.

Location and Description Edit

South Gondor was south of Gondor and Harad and was contested between both countries. South Gondor was also between the rivers Poros and Harnen. The climate hovered near the moderate and the extreme with mild winters and hot, dry summers and the terrain consisted of scattered woodlands.[1]

History Edit

South Gondor

Map of Harondor or South Gondor.

South Gondor was part of the Kingdom of Gondor in the early in the Third Age and soon was subdued by Tarannon Falastur. South Gondor stayed with Gondor until the civil war called Kin-strife, which was fought by the Kings of Gondor and the Corsairs of Umbar. Soon during the War of the Ring Harondor was described as a "debatable and desert land".

References Edit

  1. The Atlas of Middle-earth pgs. 183 & 185

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