Soundestiny Live Recording

Soundestiny in the Studio

Soundestiny is a Neo-Celtic Folk Rock band based in Brisbane, Australia. They have produced two albums (2004, 2010) featuring music inspired by The Lord of the Rings. The 25 original songs from these two albums together form their RingLord saga - a Rock musical inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien. Another 2 Soundestiny CDs - an EP of 4 songs (2009) and a full album (2012), feature music inspired by The Hobbit.


Soundestiny consists of Darryl Potter (vocals, guitars, keyboards, flute), Kim Sewell (drums, percussion, vocals), and Elissa Maclean (vocals).

From time to time other artists have recorded with the band. These include Clyde Schipke (guitars), Max Mathers (bass), Julia Lefik (vocals), Mick Bohl (guitars) and Paul Lines (vocals).

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