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Jenny Dolfen - The Oath of Feanor

The Sons of Fëanor taking their Oath, by Gold Seven

The seven Sons of Fëanor, the great Ñoldorin Prince, led their people from Valinor to rule over kingdoms in the Northeast of Beleriand:


After swearing a Oath to recover the Silmarils at any and all costs, they and their father led the Ñoldor from Valinor to Beleriand in pursuit of Morgoth, who stole Fëanor's greatest work, the Silmarils.[1] Since Fëanor died in an early battle,[2] his sons were the driving force behind the ensuing wars. Their heroism was great and they were mighty leaders and foes of Morgoth, but because of the Oath of Fëanor (which they all swore), their actions were ultimately turned to evil.

Only one survived the First Age. Because of the nature of their Oath that they would not permit anyone else to have the Silmarils. This originally meant to refer to Morgoth, but ultimately encompassing their fellow Elves and even the Valar. Thus, their deaths were generally not in battle with Morgoth but rather in desperate, Oath-driven assaults on other Elves. The only three not killed in such a manner were Amrod (who was killed accidentally at the order of his own father),[3] Maedhros (who killed himself at the very end of the First Age),[4] and Maglor (who survived only to wander sadly alone along the shores of Middle-earth).[4]


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