Sociedad Tolkien Peruana (Peruvian Tolkien Society) or STP is the Tolkien society of Peru.


Sociedad Tolkien Peruana was founded on January 3, 2001 as a cultural association non-profit organization. It is mainly a literary Tolkien society dedicated to the studying and understanding of the late writers works. Its goal is to spread the interest of Tolkien's works to the people of Peru. The society has at least two Smials Tumbes (North) and Arequipa (South). The society is well exposed and documented with time on radio and You-tube. They can also be found on Yahoo Groups, Facebook, and Twitter.

They also host events and activities of which the most usual being the yearly Máratulda Vinyë Meldorinna, Bilbo & Frodo Rally and Gran Concilio which other Tolkien fans and members meet and talk with each other about Tolkien's works. They also assemble Grand Councils in which members get together and discuss Tolkien's works, talking about and speaking Tolkien's languages, and Roleplaying. They apparently celebrate Bilbo and Frodo's birthday as well.

Their website is presented in Spanish only.

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