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Beorn by jmkilpatrick-d6r2enj
Name Skin-changer
Languages Westron
Height Tall
Skin Color
Hair Color
Distinctions Able to take other forms
Members Beorn, possibly Radagast

Skin-changers, also known as Shape-changers,[1] were Men and rare individuals with the ability to assume the form and abilities of an animal.


In the Third Age, Beorn (who dwelt in the north-eastern Anduin Vales) was a Skin-changer and helped Bilbo Baggins, Thorin Oakenshield and his Company during their Quest to Erebor. He took the shape of a huge black bear and a black-haired man, yet the origin of this ability is unknown. According to Gandalf, Beorn "[was] under no enchantment but his own."[2]

It is possible that Beorn's son Grimbeorn might be a Skin-changer.

Radagast might also have been one, for he was described to be "master of shapes and hues", and was familiar with the lores of beasts, birds and herbs.[3]


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