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Sirannon was a river in Eriador.

According to the The Atlas of Middle-earth, the river was about one-hundred miles in length.[1] In the late Third Age, it flowed near a knoll by the High or Hollin Road into a pool close to the Doors of Durin.[2]


The Sirannon once flowed from an underground source near the West side of Moria and running along the road that once led to Ost-in-Edhil, it was dammed at an unknown date in the last thousand years of the Third Age, closing off the Doors of Durin from neighboring lands. The foul pool created by the damming of the stream was where the Watcher in the Water lived.

After the War of the Ring and the resettling of Moria by the Dwarves, the stream and the foul pool it ran through was probably cleaned and freed up to flow naturally to its original destination.


Sirannon is a Sindarin word for 'stream-gate'.[3]

Translations around the worldEdit

Foreign Language Translated name
Amharic ጺራንኖን ?
Arabic سيرانون
Armenian Սիրաննոն
Bengali ষিরান্নন
Bulgarian Сираннон
Dari صیراننون
Georgian შირანნონ
Greek Σιραννον
Gujarati ષિરન્નોન
Hebrew ציראננונ ?
Hindi षिरन्नोन
Kazakh Сіраннон
Kyrgyz Сираннон
Macedonian Сираннон
Mongolian Сираннон
Nepali षिरन्नोन
Pashto صیراڼون ?
Persian صیراننون
Russian Сираннон
Sanskrit षिरन्नोन्
Serbian Сираннон (Cyrillic) Sirannon (Latinised)
Sinhala ෂිරන්නොන්
Tajik Сираннон
Tamil ஷிரணொந்
Telugu షిరన్నొన
Tigrinya ጺራንኖን ?
Ukrainian Сіраннон
Urdu سارانناون
Uyghur سىراننون
Uzbek Сираннон (Cyrillic) Sirannon (Latinised)
Yiddish סיראַננאָן


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